Hydraulic Pistons and Pump Units

Hydraulic elevators never been better.

When installing a hydraulic elevator there is no need for a machine room above the elevator pit.

Hydraulics are heavy duty elevators which can be used for up to 8 floor buildings with a speed up to 1m/s

C.M.A. for Elevators UCE uses the top range of pump units 90M motorized pumps for passengers and heavy load elevators

- Smoothness during speed change even in                High oil temperature .
- Soft stop valve
- Emergency switch for overload
- submerged motor for low noise

For structures of 2 to 3 levels with a light car and a maximum load of 300 Kgs. We offer you the (Home Lift) hydraulic elevator.
-Affordable prices.
-Fits in compact spaces
-Can be operated by 220 volt (to be mentioned on contract)

Hydraulic pistons and pump units are made in Italy

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